Free Signup, pricing based on number of recipients and frequency. Maximum 500 recipients per reminder. Pay when you activate your reminder.


Unlimited reminders and frequency. Maximum 500 recipients per reminder. Affordable yearly subscription rate.


For additional low fee, you can also have a phone message added to your reminders. Recipients will receive reminder through email and a phone call made on your behalf.


  • One Time Reminders
  • Daily Reminders
  • Weekly Reminders
  • Monthly Reminders
  • Yearly Reminders
  • Phone Reminders


  • "Ereminder is such a great service for us it sends you email reminders on the days we setup to prompt us to call people, buy flowers, and carry out all sorts of other small acts of kindness. What a great service"

    Jennie - New York, NY

  • "Eremind is an important part of our everyday operations and is a strong point of differentiation between us and our competition. Eremind is a great product for communicating with our customers."

    Jeff Larson - Rockford, IL

  • "For years I’ve had at least three girls calling every day to confirm all of our appointments in between answering phones and their other duties. It was very time consuming— effective for reminding patients about their appointments, but not efficient for the Office. After having Eremind for about six months I had to find things for the staff to do to keep them busy because of all this extra time. It has made a huge difference in office productivity. Thank you, Eremind!"

    Patricia, Wellesley Dermatology Associates - Wellesley Hills, MA

  • "We use Eremind on a daily basis to send out reminders to our customers of upcoming service and installation visits and have had very good success!"

    Don Meredith, Culligan - Los Angeles, CA

  • "I use Eremind on a DAILY BASIS. There is ALWAYS something I need to remind myself of ranging from appointments to events to tv shows to pay bills"

    Steve - Madison, WI

  • "Eremind has helped increase our retention rates, translating to more profits. It’s simple to use and frees my staff to complete other tasks."

    Chris Hundley - Shelby, NC

  • "In addition to being a busy mom, I am a busy business owner. Eremind helps me get messages and information to my customers and prospects that helps to make their work lives better."

    Jill, Dynamic Conveyor Corporation - Muskegon, MI

  • "Hands down, nobody could compete with Eremind . It was easy to use with powerful features that make our emailings more successful ... Choosing Eremind from a field of other email service providers was really a no-brainer"

    Jason Marrone - Sacramento, CA

eRemind Follow-Up Email System is a web-based follow-up email system which allows users to setup one time and recurring automated email reminders. eRemind’s follow-up email system serves the needs of individuals, professionals, organizations and businesses of any size, anywhere and in any language.  Reminders can be sent by email on a specific date, daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Use for important events such as meetings, client reminders, appointments, interviews, payment days, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. You can even include attachments with the eRemind follow-up email reminder and telephone reminder system.


Features of the web-based follow-up email system eRemind Follow-Up Email System

  • Cloud based, so it works on any operating system from anywhere. 
  • Text formatting with html and file attachment options.
  • Setup reminders by date, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Setup automatic recurring email reminders to clients, employees, friends, family or yourself.
  • Include file attachments.
  • Optional phone reminders.


Who can use it?


eRemind’s follow-up email system is highly recommended for people, professionals, businesses and organizations that need a web-based automatic email reminder system for important tasks, appointments, messages and more. Forget the paper notes and unreliable phone apps and finally ease your mind. Let send automatic scheduled reminder emails to you and your clients when reliability matters most.

Professional service businesses use our follow-up email system to schedule automatic reminders to their clients. Doctors schedule patient appointment reminders and accountants schedule email reminders to their clients. “It's the first of the month, time to send your books to us.”

Even families use the eRemind follow-up email system to shorten the daily "honey do" list, set reminders for upcoming events, appointments and important dates to remember.


Benefits of the web-based follow-up email system

  • Never forget that important day again.
  • No more missed appointments.
  • Potential sales don’t fall through the cracks.
  • You can’t lose an

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